Factor Kentucky Into Your Site Selection Decision

Horses at KeenelandFactor Kentucky Into Your Site Selection Decision

In case you haven’t noticed, Kentucky is on the move – We’re moving up in the national ranks of auto manufacturing. We’re moving up in the ranks of economic development project activity. We’re moving up in the ranks of exporting and now we’re moving up in the ranks best business climate in the nation – ninth to be exact.  Factor Kentucky Into Your Site Selection Decision for manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facility location.

Our planning and due diligence are paying off.  We’ve worked hard to build a strong economy, and we want to share our success with you.  Under the guidance of an aggressive economic development strategic plan, Kentucky is attracting jobs and investment from across the nation and around the world, building a reputation as a center of innovation in numerous industry segments and creating a diverse and dynamic economy.

Our locations is within 600 miles of over 65 percent of the nation’s population, personal income and manufacturing establishments. Our competitive utility rates – some of the lowest in the nation, highly skilled labor pool, flexible workforce development programs and full suite of incentives make Kentucky an ideal place to locate, expand or right-size your growing business.

Visit ThinkKentucky.com and make your move today.

Factor Kentucky Into Your Site Selection DecisionLake Herrington

  • Low Business Costs – A 2012 CNBC special report ranks Kentucky’s business costs the #1 lowest in the country. It’s hard to beat that.
  • Logistical Advantage – Kentucky is home to two global air cargo hubs and is located at the center of a 34-state distribution area in the eastern U.S. making us a logistics dream. We can move products easily and efficiently by air, rail, road and water to all points of the globe.
  • Quality Workforce – In 2012, Kentucky’s workforce partners facilitated the training of nearly 85,000 Kentuckians. We’re also one of the first states to implement a statewide Work Ready Communities program, ensuring a steady pipeline of skilled talent.
  • Low Energy Costs – Kentucky boasts the 6th lowest industrial power costs in the country, and the #1 lowest in the eastern U.S. it’s one of the reasons why site consultants have ranked our competitive utility rates #1 in the country.
  • Competitive Tax Climate – The Tax Foundation ranks Kentucky as the 7th most business-friendly state in the country for new firms and the 6th lowest cost state for new corporate headquarters.
  • Progressive Incentives – Kentucky offers a full suite of tax incentive programs that provide the flexible financial assistance businesses need when locating, expanding or reinvesting in Kentucky.
  • Quality Of Life – Life outside the office just couldn’t better. Kentucky offers one of the nation’s lowest cost of living rates and housing costs up to 30 percent lower than the national average. Top that with breathtaking countryside and vibrant city life, right in the heart of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and Kentucky Wine Trail, hiking, boating, dozens of golf course, world class fishing lakes and you have a place that you never want to leave.

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