Steps on how to Lease Industrial Property Building Space

Lease Industrial Manufacturing Space== Steps on how to Lease Industrial Property Building Space ==

– Find the industrial space you want to lease.
– * Research available Industrial properties using the Internet, by hiring a real estate agent or by contacting your local government.
– * Drive around the areas where you’re interested in operating your business. Search for “Space Available” signs.
–  Decide to lease the industrial space you want.
– * Make a list of available industrial spaces you’re interested in renting.
–  Contact the property owner or real estate agent showing the Industrial or Commercial spaces.
– * Negotiate a time to view the properties. You want to make sure you lease a space that fits your business needs. For instance, you’ll want a space with sufficient square footage, sufficient parking, office space, etc.
– * Pick the industrial space you want to rent.
–  Negotiate the lease.
–  Understand what a commercial lease does.
– * You agree to pay the property owner rent. You also must abide by the terms of the agreement.
– * The landlord also agrees to let you rent the space for a number of years. Your landlord may physically change the industrial space to fit your specifications and provide services such as free parking.
–  Decide on the lease agreement terms.
– * You need to know what you want in the lease agreement.  For example, you will have to decide whether you want a long-term or short-term lease or the option to sublease the property.
– * Know the type of lease agreement you want. For example, a gross lease requires you to pay insurance, utilities, repairs and taxes. However, a net lease agreement makes you responsible for paying those costs.
–  Read the lease agreement.
– * Seek the advice of a competent Commercial Property lawyer to understand the legalese in the agreement. The lawyer will explain the terms of the agreement to you. You can also ask the lawyer any questions about the agreement.
– * Research the terms using a Commercial Property Attorney, an online legal source or books.
–  Alter the terms of the agreement.
– * You can negotiate a change of terms to include things that are favorable to all parties.
– * Talk with the owner or real estate agent about the changes. This may take several negotiations.
–  Sign the industrial lease agreement.
–  Return the agreement to the owner and start your business!


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