50 Safest Cities in Kentucky

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50 Safest Cities in Kentucky

Safest Cities in KY

Boasting everything from 500+ horse farms and Civil War battlefields to famous Bourbon Country distilleries and the natural, scenic beauty that comprises the rolling foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Kentucky is not a destination to be missed. But when you’re making a decision about where to live, work and play aren’t your only considerations—safety is a major factor as well. That’s why we’ve taken the time to carefully craft a report that considers the safety of cities throughout the state and present to you the 50 Safest Cities in Kentucky.


Reporting no murders in 2012, Harrodsburg is a small town that keeps its residents safe first and foremost. Founded in 1774, Harrodsburg is Kentucky’s oldest city, but it has managed to modernize its city structure over the years to remain relevant in business, commercial, and residential areas. This includes many job offerings in the manufacturing, retail trade, and healthcare industries.

Harrodsburg is an area comprised of rolling pastureland and still boasts a historic charm with a variety of notable landmarks, such as the Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill and Old Fort Harrod State Park, with a full-scale replica fort commemorating the first permanent settlement west of the Allegheny Mountains. The city’s farmlands are rife with opportunities for agritourism and include such attractions as Devine’s Farm & Corn Maze, Harrodsburg/Mercer Barn Quilt Trail, the Mercer County Farmers Market, Terrapin Hill Farm, and others.  50 Safest Cities in Kentucky

Violent Crimes per 1,000: 1.44
Property Crimes per 1,000: 21.46

Safest Cities in KY

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Where is Harrodsburg Mercer County Kentucky

Selected Market Centers

Percent of U.S. Within 600 Miles of:

Mercer County Kentucky


Personal Income

Retail Sales

Manufacturing Employment

Highway Distance to Selected Market Centers
City Miles City Miles City Miles
1. Atlanta, GA 371 11. Dallas, TX 857 21. Nashville, TN 199
2. Baltimore, MD 567 12. Detroit, MI 378 22. New Orleans, LA 728
3. Birmingham, AL 389 13. Houston, TX 978 23. New York, NY 740
4. Boston, MA 950 14. Indianapolis, IN 186 24. Norfolk, VA 605
5. Buffalo, NY 549 15. Jacksonville, FL 709 25. Oklahoma City, OK 829
6. Charlotte, NC 390 16. Kansas City, MO 577 26. Omaha, NE 768
7. Chicago, IL 366 17. Lexington, KY 33 27. Philadelphia, PA 663
8. Cincinnati, OH 117 18. Louisville, KY 73 28. Pittsburgh, PA 403
9. Cleveland, OH 363 19. Memphis, TN 402 29. St. Louis, MO 335
10. Columbus, OH 223 20. Minneapolis, MN 774 30. Wichita, KS 774
Population Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division, 2008 population estimate
Personal Income Source: 2007 Regional Economic Accounts, Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), US Dept of Commerce
Retail Sales Source: 2002 Economic Census, US Census Bureau
Manufacturing Employment Source: 2007 County Business Patterns, US Census Bureau
Highway Distance Source: ESRI Arcview StreetMap, 2007 – where is Harrodsburg Mercer County Kentucky