Warehouse space close to a major shipping hub

Warehouse space for lease close to a major shipping hub

Warehouse space close to a major shipping hub

Economic Alliance Harrodsburg Kentucky is featuring 260,000+ sf of manufacturing and warehouse facility space for lease; located just off of highway 127 with convenient access to Bluegrass Parkway (considered an Interstate highway) and I-64, which offers direct proximity to Louisville International Airport. If your business is looking to relocate to Kentucky, our featured space is situated in a prime location that is perfect for industrial, manufacturing, and Warehouse space close to a major shipping hub – in fact, the largest fully automated package handling facility in the world, WorldPort.

The UPS WorldPort hub currently turns over 130 aircraft daily and is the largest capital project in the company’s history with 5,200,000 sf of space. The Louisville International Airport connects the region and is a major hub for connections throughout the mid-west and eastern coast. Export growth continues to strengthen in Kentucky, and there are many financial incentives that support growth and productivity.

Our Harrodsburg Kentucky facility featured space is perfect for manufacture, assembly, warehouse and distribution. With high docks with auto-levelers and grade level access, trucks can easily pass through and transport packages to and from the UPS WorldPort hub. UPS rapidly expanded its capacity to accommodate for an increase in package flow, and the facility’s design allows for further expansion to process up to a half million packages per hour, according to UPS WorldPort‘s Fact page. Harrodsburg Kentucky is a prime location for businesses to set-up a warehouse facility due to its robust transport and hub facilities.

The dynamic economy is a major reason behind the growth in warehouses and transportation in Harrodsburg Kentucky. According to a recent market update by Jones Lang LaSalle, industrial space offers a solid, long term investment opportunity. There is a healthy appetite for industrial space by institutional and private equity groups looking for long term net-lease and multi-tenant opportunities in productive locations that offer financial incentives to spur demand.

Increased capital flows and expansion in transport and logistics are compelling reasons to relocate to Harrodsburg Kentucky. Leasing a warehouse space close to the UPS WorldPort hub is a great decision if your business plans to focus on growth, capturing more cash flow to reinvest, and reducing upfront costs without the ongoing hassles of owning a full facility. There is more flexibility with leasing a space that will suit your specific needs and allow the freedom to grow and take advantage of area resources.

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Steps to Lease Manufacturing and Warehouse Space

Warehouse-Manufacturing-Space-For-LeaseSteps to Lease Manufacturing and Warehouse Space

Leasing Manufacturing, Warehouse and Commercial spaces is almost always more cost effective than building a large space of your own. Once you know what your needs are – and how much space you require, you will need to understand the type of leases, how to negotiate leases and most important is how to protect your rights as a lessee.

For organizations that require large amount of Industrial space such as warehouses, a Commercial Broker or an industrial park would be an ideal location to find facilities for lease. Industrial Parks are land complexes that are divided into large sections that can be used for building or leasing a Manufacturing and Warehouse Facility, Storage and Distribution space, as well as space for light manufacturing and many industrial applications.

There are many benefits of leasing an Industrial building. Some of the advantages includes:

  1. Preservation of Capital:  Most companies would rather reserve capital for expansion of their operation as opposed to spending precious cash on real estate.  That is truly the #1 reason why you look for Industrial space to rent.
  1. Affordable, Flexible Lease: Large industrial space is significantly more cost effective to rent than finished commercial office spaces or established retail spaces. The industrial spaces can be used for a variety of purposes – leasing agents and commercial Attorneys can also be handy when dealing with the terms of industrial space leases.
  1. Cheaper to renovate than purchasing a building: If one needs custom designed facilities, but cannot spend to purchase and renovate your own building. Most of the industrial spaces for rent allow tenants to build out, modify or renovate warehouses into production or even distribution facilities.
  1. Provides More Zoning Options: It may be easier to convert industrial spaces into manufacturing and office than to convert existing building in areas zoned for other purposes.
  1. Add Usable Sq. Feet without increasing Rent: Most of the large industrial spaces have higher ceilings.  Space is usually leased by the square foot – but can be rented by the cubic foot – ask your Industrial facility representative.  Ken Garcia 859-494-5521