Think Kentucky business friendly states

Think Kentucky Business Friendly State

Business Friendly States

Why Kentucky?
Kentucky works hard to take care of business. Whether it’s a business that is new to
Kentucky or one whose roots are generations deep, Kentucky makes sure companies
have what they need to succeed. With some of the nation’s lowest industrial
electricity costs, a competitive tax structure, aggressive and effective incentive
programs, an ideal location and an unsurpassed quality of life, Kentucky is a business friendly state and has become a top location choice for globally competitive enterprises.

Many of the world’s most successful companies
have already discovered that Kentucky is a great
place to build their business. The Commonwealth
is home to thousands of domestic companies, as
well as more than 400 international firms
representing 31 nations.

Kentucky’s efforts to create a pro-business climate
have not gone unnoticed, resulting in the creation
of more than 14,000 jobs in 2013, and over $3.3
billion in new investment—the fourth straight year
for growth.
Low Business Costs
Kentucky’s business costs are among the lowest in the country. A 2012 CNBC Special
Report, America’s Top States for Business, ranked Kentucky’s business costs the lowest
in the United States and fourth in cost of living.

Among the more significant location factors having a direct influence on bottom-line
costs is the annual capital that must be committed to utility consumption. Kentucky
has the lowest cost of electricity in the industrial sector among states east of the
Mississippi River. As of December 2013, Kentucky’s rates were fourth lowest
nationally and nearly 21 percent lower than the national average.

Kentucky’s competitive tax climate has also been recognized. A 2012 Tax Foundation
report ranks Kentucky as the seventh most business-friendly state in the country for
new firms and the sixth lowest cost state in the country for new corporate

Did You Know…?

 Kentucky Ranked 4th in
the nation for new and
expanded industry
activity per capita in
Site Selection’s 2013
Governor’s Cup.

 The cost of electricity
for the industrial
sector in Kentucky is
nearly 21 percent
lower than the national

 America’s Top States
for Business – 2012, a
CNBC Special Report,
ranked Kentucky best
in overall cost of doing

Kentucky has become a top
location choice for globally
competitive enterprises.

Where is Harrodsburg Mercer County Kentucky

Selected Market Centers

Percent of U.S. Within 600 Miles of:

Mercer County Kentucky


Personal Income

Retail Sales

Manufacturing Employment

Highway Distance to Selected Market Centers
City Miles City Miles City Miles
1. Atlanta, GA 371 11. Dallas, TX 857 21. Nashville, TN 199
2. Baltimore, MD 567 12. Detroit, MI 378 22. New Orleans, LA 728
3. Birmingham, AL 389 13. Houston, TX 978 23. New York, NY 740
4. Boston, MA 950 14. Indianapolis, IN 186 24. Norfolk, VA 605
5. Buffalo, NY 549 15. Jacksonville, FL 709 25. Oklahoma City, OK 829
6. Charlotte, NC 390 16. Kansas City, MO 577 26. Omaha, NE 768
7. Chicago, IL 366 17. Lexington, KY 33 27. Philadelphia, PA 663
8. Cincinnati, OH 117 18. Louisville, KY 73 28. Pittsburgh, PA 403
9. Cleveland, OH 363 19. Memphis, TN 402 29. St. Louis, MO 335
10. Columbus, OH 223 20. Minneapolis, MN 774 30. Wichita, KS 774
Population Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division, 2008 population estimate
Personal Income Source: 2007 Regional Economic Accounts, Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), US Dept of Commerce
Retail Sales Source: 2002 Economic Census, US Census Bureau
Manufacturing Employment Source: 2007 County Business Patterns, US Census Bureau
Highway Distance Source: ESRI Arcview StreetMap, 2007 – where is Harrodsburg Mercer County Kentucky