Ideal manufacturing and warehouse facility space for lease

Manufacturing-And-Warehouse-For-LeaseIdeal manufacturing and warehouse facility space for lease

Economic Alliance of Kentucky is featuring the ideal manufacturing and warehouse facility space for lease. If your business plans to grow, this single tenant or multi-tenant industrial complex is perfect. Your mid-west satellite location is fit for relocation, and Kentucky offers many incentives that will lower your costs. There are plenty of reasons to expand and outsource your manufacturing, assembly, warehouse, or distribution operations at our featured facility.  Ideal manufacturing and warehouse facility space for lease, read more…

Your business will not have to worry about fitting out the essentials. Leasing and outsourcing should be the first decision when setting up a satellite warehouse facility, and moving in with the necessary services is always helpful. Our featured space offers ample parking: 501 spaces, smooth floors, heavy power: 3-phase 277/480VAC, 9400A electrical service, natural gas and municipal water to all areas of the building. Additionally, the facility is fit with up to 23 foot ceilings with 9 docks and grade level access as well.

As a manufacturing business or plant manager, you can sit comfortably at your main base knowing that your satellite location is in good hands with a lease agreement that allows you to cut down on upfront costs and ensure greater efficiency from afar.

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Warehouse space for rent

Warehouse space for rentWarehouse space for rent

Why you should rent industrial warehouse, manufacturing and distribution space for building your business

As the US industrial and manufacturing sector continues to grow, now is the time for your business to gain a competitive advantage by lowering costs in order to create a solid foundation for future growth.  A good starting point is finding the right warehouse space for rent, and Kentucky fosters a business friendly environment that ranks high on qualifying industrial, manufacturing and warehouse locations and expansions.

Kentucky has some of the lowest industrial power costs in the nation, Kentucky is home to two major air cargo hubs, and was ranked the lowest in the nation in terms of business costs by CNBC in 2012. There are many reasons why Kentucky is the prime location to expand your business, and Economic Alliance Kentucky is showcasing a 260,000+ sf manufacturing and warehouse facility for single or multi-tenant use. This industrial complex is perfect for warehouse, manufacturing and distribution space, and compared to building, we suggest that you look at our leasing – we will bet it will be your best cost effective option.

Welcome to Kentucky. You located your property, and now it’s time to decide on financing. Warehouse and Manufacturing space for rent offers the advantage of conserving cash flow because the initial expense is only rent and a security deposit. Your rent is tax deductible as a business expense, and your continued payments will help strengthen your business’s credit rating.

If you do plan on growing within or outside of Kentucky, leasing this property will provide you with the necessary initial cost savings and improved credit standing to better finance expansion and take advantage of the dynamic economy and perfect US location in the area has to offer. Export growth in Kentucky supports ongoing productivity in the region, so your business will benefit from our warehouse space for rent – for the added benefit of flexibility.

Planning for growth requires full focus on running your business. Instead of being tied up with the demands of ownership, Manufacturing and warehouse space for rent will allow you to concentrate on the business of managing growth. Cost stability is crucial if you are looking to relocate to Kentucky – and the state has many tax incentives and programs to make you feel welcome.  For more information on Kentucky’s Tax Incentives, click here –

Also, sharing space might be a good option if your business requires less room for your Kentucky manufacturing or warehouse operation. Our warehouse space for rent is fit for multi-tenant use, which makes leasing a viable option for smaller businesses that just need a prime location to store and move goods.

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